Social Media Management

social media management

Are we social enough to social manage? What is social media management for brands and what it is not?

For sure social media is a huge highway of social networks. It’s like millions of people saying something about someone at sometime. So why do brands need to be on this highway? Is it really that charming and safe to get into a traffic of 240 km/h? You think so?

Ok, the new era of brand management, social media sounds good, that we trust. But how would you bear millions of people about your brands where you have no choice to control what they say, when they say, and how they say!!! People have the freedom of speech on social media where a small conversation can turn out to be a huge disaster on the social media. There are some really sad case studies of some brands, we mean real brands who has made these mistakes. Some still do it somehow…

what is social media management about?

Don’t ever think social media as you will have some content, will share it and people will love it. No way! Not that easy and comfortable, trust us!

You need to build personal connections. Content has to be shareable, and it has to make viewers want to tune in. Shortly you need to engage peopleEngagement on social media is one of the hardest process.

You need to be social. Not only we mean you will need friends and followers only 🙂 You need to be social as you must follow all social media platforms, such as facebook, twitter, instagram, google +, pinterest, youtube, vimeo, periscope, linkedin, slideshare, thumblr, snapchat, reddit, delicious, digg and etc…

Not only follow but also to understand what users do, how they react and how they engage on these platform and what they want, need and love.

We start the social media management magic with this huge step. We trust everybody should initially get social like this before all those strategies, analysis, productions, reporting

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