Brand Management

brand management

You know “we are crazy creative people” we say. digitally crazy 🙂 Why you think? What can it be all about brand management being crazy?

First of all we all are consumers. We are the targeted audience. But are we the customer for our client?

You can’t manage a brand unless you are your own customer. Think of it!

How would you manage a brand while you don’t know what people think about your brand when they use your products or services? Can brand management be done by estimations? Not really?

SO we start brand management with the first golden step:

Be the customer

We be the customer and then digitally track ourselves about our own customer behaviors. We start from ourselves and then try to match the data we may collect from the general audience.

SO let be the other brand management tools, techniques, reputation things, digital assets follow on and on…

We love it 🙂 Starting from digital branding to managing branding…


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