Sine Datça Advertisement Marketing Sponsorship Management

Sine Datça Advertisement Marketing

Sine Datça is a mini cinema in Datça. We manage the advertisement marketing and sponsorship management of Sine Datça. It has the latest digital technology both for the motion picture (DCP) and the sound. Movies in theaters are also screening in Datça now.

Sine Datça is operated by an Association called Don’t Be My Handicap. The Association aims to supply a life with no handicaps for our disabled people. Therefore They work with local and national bodies and government, make projects, realize them and result with great achievements.

Sine Datça is one of these projects. The association starts to run the cinema after it has remained inactive for several years. Now they meet the audience with the latest movies in Sine Datça.

Sine Datça is very important in order to complete the new Social Responsibility Project, The Rehabilitation Center Establishment. In order to raise more fund Sine Datça is now accepting advertisements.

Hotels, restaurants, hair dressers, banks, local or national businesses, brand! You may now advertise weekly or monthly at Sine Datça with small budgets effectively or sponsor and help to establish this Social Responsibility Project.

As dtcdigital, we are managing the advertisement marketing and sponsorship management of Sine Datça. For more info and media kit you may contact us.



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